4 reasons why people are leaving your website immediately

4 Reasons Why People Are Leaving Your Website Immediately

There is a reason why new visitors click into your website, but there is also a reason why some of these visitors are not staying for long.

Here are some reasons why your website could be annoying users without you even knowing it:

1. Ads – Too many, too intrusive and highly irrelevant

If your website has pop-up ads or ads that play automatically, you should consider a different marketing approach or avoid using them all together.

In a global online survey, four out of five visitors have closed a browser or exited a webpage for this very reason. Not only does that mean the ads in your website have failed to connect and engage with your visitor, it also shows you have lost a visitor and potential customer.

2. Too much text, fluff and jargon

Use simple language and go straight to the point with any copy in your website.

Since only 20% of your content gets read by an average web visitor, it is best that the key points you are trying to convey are not hidden by a wall of text.

3. Required log-in to access information

When you are starting out as a small business, the last thing you need is having an obstruction between a visitor and the value you can provide through your website. As a new business, visitors may want to see your content before committing to having an account with you.

If you insist on requiring users to create an account with you, it is ideal that you give them a compelling reason for signing up in the first place.

4. Outdated footer copyright

Notice how some companies do not put the present year beside “Copyright” at the footer of their website? This not only gives users the perception that your website is outdated, it also gives them the impression that you are lazy and could not be bothered with maintaining it.