Behind the scenes people involved in creating a website

Behind the Scenes: People Involved in Creating a Website

Behind every great website is a team of unsung heroes. Here’s a sneak peek at the jobs and responsibilities of these major players behind the project.

Project Manager

When you engage a web design company to build a website, the first person you are going to interact with is the project manager. The project manager will be your single point of contact when you have any questions pertaining to the initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, controlling and closing of your web project.

Information Architect

The information architect works with the project manager to design a site map – a hierarchical list of the main sections and pages in your website. This will help the web designers and programmers in the later stage to piece your website together through design and code.

Web Designer

With the site map on hand, the web designer will be able to create a series of wireframes for each web page. Over time, more details and navigational elements will be included to show how each page navigates to the next, and will be presented to the project manager. 

The project manager will show these wireframes to the you (the client), and will go through several rounds of revisions if necessary before diving into the development stage.   


Programmers are the people writing the code to make your website function like how you see it in the site map and wireframes.

Here at Quix Studios, we place importance in having clean and high quality code that is easy to read and maintain. By having readable code understood across the board, bugs are easier to fix, and features are easier to add.


Clients often engage a copywriter to help them craft content for their website. Copywriters have the task of writing compelling copy and using keywords that can help your site rank high in search engines. This involves hours of research to ensure that the right words are used to grab interest and convert visitors to customers for your business.

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