Likeability vs competence which matters more

Likeability vs. Competence: Which Matters More?

In a society that emphasises on qualifications and technical capabilities, it is easy to believe that competence alone can move us up the corporate ladder. But research shows that this is not always the case.

Being well-liked is becoming a bigger factor in whether you succeed at work and the extent of your success.

Being likeable increases your ability to persuade and influence

According to a study, managers were willing to accept an auditor’s argument that did not have substantial supporting evidence. as long as the auditor was deemed likeable.

If you are well-liked by your peers, even without supporting evidence, they are going to agree with you anyway. This means getting people to do things efficiently with little opposition.

Being likeable increase team performance

Personal benefits aside, being a likeable team leader can help you connect with each member and increase group harmony.Which a shared commitment towards the same goals, individuals are now accountable to their teammates (in addition to being accountable to themselves), are likely to put in more effort in their work and ultimately, perform better than teams that lack cohesiveness.

How you can increase your likeability

Increasing your likeability can be as simple as being aware and changing the way you act in situations.

  • Avoid gossiping or putting others down
  • Talk less about yourself, and be curious about others
  • Keep an open mind and accept opinions other than your own
  • Share the credit with people who have helped you with your work
  • Be honest if you do not know something instead of pretending to be an expert on the topic

It may not be easy, but you may soon find it easier to get hired, get help from your co-workers and have your mistakes more easily forgiven.