Behind the scenes people involved in creating a website

Behind the Scenes: People Involved in Creating a Website

Behind every great website is a team of unsung heroes. Here’s a sneak peek at the jobs and responsibilities of these major players behind the project.

Focus on the experience and not the design

Focus on the Experience, Not the Design

A great web design impresses for the first time, but it is the user experience that brings them back for more.

The shift to responsive web design and why it matters

The Shift to Responsive Web Design and Why It Matters

Not having a mobile-responsive website not only looks unprofessional and outdated, it can damage your credibility in the long run.

4 reasons why people are leaving your website immediately

4 Reasons Why People Are Leaving Your Website Immediately

There is a reason why new visitors click into your website, but there is also a reason why some of these visitors are not staying for long.

Optimistic people are more likely to succeed studies say

Optimistic People Are More Likely to Succeed, Studies Say

You may have heard that having a positive outlook on life can result in being a healthier person, but staying upbeat can also help move you well ahead of your pessimistic peers.

Likeability vs competence which matters more

Likeability vs. Competence: Which Matters More?

In a society that emphasises on qualifications and technical capabilities, it is easy to believe that competence alone can move us up the corporate ladder. But research shows that this is not always the case.